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Dermatoglyphics comes as a part of science which analyses patterns of skill ridges present on fingers, toes and soles. The DMIT solution involves recognizing the congenital relation between fingers as well as talents and qualities.

It helps in testing your intelligence and capabilities as well as facilitates in eradicating your weaknesses and boosting your self confidence. SmartSet Placement Consultancy DMIT is a reflection of our commitment to use latest techniques to bring out the best of capabilities in an individual.

The solution also empowers all our clients in determining the knowledge and skill potential of candidates to employ the best candidate as per their requirement.

Why SmartSet Placement & Training Institute?

Recruitment is a puzzle...And we like puzzles, finding stuff that people lose, Easter egg hunts, logistics, figuring things out, analyse people and situation, and figuring out what makes people tick and what makes companies work.


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