Our Trainers

Name: Archi Gohil
Experience: 2 years
Qualification: Bachelor Of Commer​c​e Pusring Master in Commer​c​e

Name: Avani Darji
Experience: 17 years
Qualification: Master of Business Administration Marketing

Name: Chaitali Khatri
Experience: 20 years
Qualification: Master of Computer Applications

Name: Jay Yadav
Experience: 10 years
Qualification: Fine Arts Commercial Arts

Name: Manish Mehta
Experience: 17 years
Qua.: Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, Master of Business Administration Marketing

Name:Krutika Patel
Experience: 5+ years
Qualification: Master in Science ICT ( Information and Communication Technologies )

Name: Sivaramakrishnan L
Experience: 19+ years
Qualification: Master in Commerce

Name:Kishor Shankaranarayan
Experience: 22+ years
Qualification: Master in Commerce

Name: Prashant Mohite
Experience: 7 years
Qualification: Master in Pharmacy

Why SmartSet Placement & Training Institute?

Recruitment is a puzzle...And we like puzzles, finding stuff that people lose, Easter egg hunts, logistics, figuring things out, analyse people and situation, and figuring out what makes people tick and what makes companies work.


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